Aboriginal Cultural Awareness

It is very apparent that many non-Aboriginal people have little or no knowledge of the "real" history of Aboriginal people or understand the differences in family structures and obligations. The consequence of this is that many non-Indigenous people's opinions of Aboriginal people are based on "fiction rather than fact". CCA - Aboriginal Cultural Awareness (ACA) Workshops allows people to have a different perspective and make an informed decision in this regard.

Delivered in a positive and non-threatening manner, CCA ACA workshops are presented as an educative and informative program. Participants are encouraged to express their concerns and feelings openly. The workshops are very interactive and designed to allow participants to discuss and review material presented.

It is recommended that ACA workshops incorporate details of "Company specific" Aboriginal Affairs Policy, Aboriginal Workforce Targets and (if applicable); current Projects that have contractual obligations around Aboriginal Participation. This is designed to create a link between the training, the company policy and commitments.

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